Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Identifying Clan Association

I am finding many different Clan names in my Ancestry.  I am curious to know how to choose which would be more dominant for me?

The suppression of the clans was in 1746 and 1747 after the final Jacobite rising, in response to this suppression many people emigrated thus loosing the clan ties. This suppression was done to weaken the Independence of the Highlands and Public executions of those loyal to the Jacobites were done.  As well kilts and bag pipes were outlawed for about 35 years.  Although one person can have many clan associations or ancestors with many clan surnames, the ancestor had loyalty to only one of those clans.  There is almost no way to find out what clan that was based on genealogy alone, because of intermarriages.  Researching their history to include the geographical area can reveal in which clan territory an ancestor lived to help identify that particular clan loyalty.  If you are really lucky you can find that document declaring clan loyalty but that doesn't always happen.  For example if an ancestor was in enlisted in one of the private highland armies such as the Seaforth Highlanders that means they had pledge loyalty to a particular clan.